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If you’re planning to sell your home in Summit County, CO, you will need one of the best real estate listing agents in the area to take the weight off your shoulders. You are embarking on a long and complicated process and, unless you or your real estate agents follow all the necessary steps, you will not get a fair price or you may not even find a buyer. 

Even if you manage to find a buyer willing to pay your asking price, the paperwork and procedures involved will take valuable time and effort that you could put to better use. It makes more sense to work with experienced, knowledgeable, and dedicated listing agents like the Cornerstone Real Estate Rocky Mountains team to sell your home in Summit County, CO.

What Does Cornerstone Offer?

We have refined our marketing strategies over time to ensure that your home will get the maximum exposure to potential buyers.  We use multiple technologies and platforms available to reach any and all buyers looking for a home in your area, and in addition to get their attention and interest. Two examples of how we will market your home

  • 3D Matterport Tour for one of our listings, which allows buyers to do a virtual walk through: See Example
  • Property landing page with unique URL


Experience You Can Trust

Our extensive experience in Summit County real estate allows us to tailor your pricing strategy to match your goals with the current market conditions for your home.  All real estate is local and even within small areas of the county, the factors affecting pricing and supply and demand can vary widely.  We will help you evaluate the best negotiation techniques to get you the best offer possible that meets your goals for the sale. 



What to Expect When Working with Our Top Listing Agents?

We have earned our reputation as top listing agents by helping hundreds of Breckenridge, Frisco, Keystone, Dillon, Silverthorne, and Copper Mountain, CO, residents sell their property at the highest prices the market can bear. As our clients can confirm, we see the full potential of every property, understand your needs as an owner, and make your goals ours. 

Once you get in touch with our real estate selling agent, you can expect to receive answers to your questions, help in making the best decisions, and assistance in closing the best deal. 

We believe in close, friendly and mutually beneficial relationships, so working with any of our agents to sell your home in Summit County, CO will feel like receiving help from a friend who really cares about your needs and wishes and wants to see you carrying out your plans successfully.

An added benefit of working with top listing agents is that you are always informed of everything related to your property. The whole process is transparent and streamlined, focused on getting your property into the spotlight, and delivering the results you hope for. 


Call Cornerstone to Find Listing Agents in Summit County, CO 

Your efforts to find listing agents end at Cornerstone Real Estate Rocky Mountains! Once you call our office at (970) 771-3959 or fill in our contact form, one of our real estate listing agents will start working with you and help you attain your goals. 

The sooner you get in touch, the sooner you will be able to sell your property, so it’s in your best interest to find listing agents you can trust and rely on as soon as possible!



Seller Tools

Seller FAQ

When is the best time of year to sell?

We have the most buyers looking in the summer and fall.  However that is also when we have the most listings available.  So in the winter and spring there is less competition. There are always buyers looking in Summit County year round, so the best time to sell is when the timing works best for your goals.

Should I do renovations before I sell?

In Summit County two thirds of our buyers are second home buyers.  These buyers are typically looking for a place to come and relax, and are willing to pay more for a property that is already upgraded and/or in good condition.  Depending on your goals, it can definitely help your property sell faster and for more to do some renovations.  However we would need to see your property and discuss your specific plans to be able to make a detailed recommendation.

Should I get rid of my personal belongings?

The more a potential buyer can imagine themselves in your home when they see it, the better. Personal decorations and belongings distract from that feeling and so if it is possible, you will want to get as much of your personal items out of your home or put away before you put it on the market.

How long does it normally take to sell?

In Summit County we are currently in more of a Seller’s market, with low supply and high demand. While many of our listings do sell within the first few days, the average days on market overall is still over 50.  Our goal will be to balance your goals for pricing and timing with the current market conditions, to ensure we get you the highest price possible in this market.

Should I price it high to give myself room to negotiate?

While it does make sense to give yourself room to negotiate, you also need to make sure that you are still within a range that will generate an offer. If you are too high above what a buyer will find reasonable, you will be wasting your time on the market with no offers.  

How will I know if it is priced correctly?

The market will tell you whether you are within the right price range for your home.  It has to be in a range that a buyer will find reasonable enough to at least take a look.  If you are not getting any showings at all, you need to change either the price or the condition of the home in order to generate showing momentum. If you are getting a lot of showings but no offers, you also need to adjust either price or condition.  

Will you do open houses?

Open houses are a great way to get exposure for your home to potential buyers.  Even if it is just your neighbors who stop by because they want to take a peek, that is still good advertising as they may mention it to someone else.  If it is allowed in your area and you are OK with it, we will do our best to have open houses at the times that will generate the most interest.

How will you market my home?

We have a very long list of the ways we will market your home, but the bottom line is that we want to get maximum exposure for your home to as many potential buyers as possible. Our goal is that no matter where that buyer is looking, they will see your home and it will look as good as it possibly can.  In our market most buyers start their search online, so we dedicate a lot of time and effort making sure that your home is on all of the internet platforms that get the most visibility. 

What if I receive multiple offers?

This is definitely a possibility in our market, especially if you are priced appropriately.  Every situation is different so we do not have a black and white answer on how multiple offers will be handled.  It will depend on how many offers, when they were received, what the terms are of each, and most importantly how you want to handle it. If this does happen we will present all offers, go over the details of each, and discuss the pros and cons of different choices for responding so that you can decide what makes the most sense for you.

Are all listings going for full price?

The average sold to list price for most listings in our market (ie under $1M) is just over 98%. So most listings are going for very close to full price, but not all of them sell for full price.  In our market of mostly second homes we find that often even when it does go for over full price, it is not over by too much.  We very seldom see an aggressive bidding war because our buyers typically do not have to buy and they avoid that situation.

Can the market keep going up or is it about to go down?

If anyone tells you they know the answer for sure, you should be skeptical.  No one can predict what will happen to the market in the future. However we can say that in the past, the Summit County real estate market has followed the Front Range market closely, which includes the greater Denver metro area from Fort Collins all the way to Colorado Springs.  Two thirds of our property owners are second home owners, and two thirds of those second home owners are from within 3 hours of Summit County.  Since many of our property owners and visitors are from the Front Range, historically if their economy is doing well, so is ours.  When their market went down in 2006, we followed with a market downturn starting in 2008.  When they rebounded, it took us a few more years to fully recover.  So if their real estate market and economy continues to thrive and grow, our market will continue to grow as well.  Our demand is still growing but our supply can not grow very much.

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